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Air conditioning Installations - Split Systems

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We have extensive experience installing air conditioners in Melbourne and it's surrounding suburbs. From residential homes and high rise apartments to commercial offices and shops.

A split system air conditioner's maximum efficiency and long term reliability are directly linked with the quality of the installation.

As you will see with some of our examples, installations can vary considerably. Whether it be noise factors, visual considerations or concerns about limiting access or space around your home, it is really helpful to get an idea of what can and can't be done and the options you have to make sure you are happy with the locations of both the indoor and outdoor units.

All the wall split systems listed on the website include back to back installation in the price. If your installation varies from a standard back to back, browsing our installation examples will give you a good idea on how much it may cost you depending on your situation.

For an accurate solid price, use our online quote system.  

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6 year installation warranty

All installations require compliance certificates by law!
vba compliance certificateenergy safe compliance certificate



Installing in residential homes

Single storey homes - All types and ages.
single storey home

Installing a split system air conditioner into a single storey home can range between a simple process and a challange one depending on the type of home and the desired location of the air conditioners indoor and outdoor units 

Installation prices start with single storey homes.

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Double storey homes - All types and ages.
Installing in a double storey house

Installing split systems into second storey rooms presents a variety of things to consider including cost.

The main focus with these type of installations is where to locate the outdoor unit (compressor).

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New homes - Quoting off the plan stage.
Installing in a new house

When installing in a new home there are a few different stages that need to be considered.

The first consideration is to decide what kind of units you want in your new home and the best place to locate both in door and outdoor units. That is all done prior to construction based on the plans of the home.

Secondly you need to decide wether you want to run all the pipes, drain and electricals before the plaster is put in. 

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Installing in apartments

New apartments - Usually built from the 90s onward...
Installing a split system in new apartments

New apartments come in many different shapes and sizes and installation challenges. Proper planning before you install your air conditioner is very important.

Most apartments will require body corpoarte approval.

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Older apartments - Usually built in the 60s, 70s, 80s.
Installing a split system in older apartments

Older apartments require special attention to details for things such as old rendered on walls and out of date electrical wiring.

Most apartments will require body corpoarte approval.

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High rise apartments - Usually innner city, South bank, St Kilda and surrounding areas.
Installing a split system in high rise apartments

High rise apartments require a balcony for outdoor unit location. They also require proper planning before installation to avoid any added costs during installation. We are experts in high rise installations.

Most apartments will require body corpoarte approval.

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Split System Install Pricing Options

Back to Back

back to back installation

The cheapest and easiest installation

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intermediate installation

Units mounted on wall brackets or around corners

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advanced installation

Units on roofs, internal walls or special situations

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